It is our great pleasure to inform you that as of 29. February 2024, Alpine-bio has fully acquired Rosco Diagnostica Ltd

Our goal is to continue to deliver on the current offering, as we develop Rosco Diagnostica into a leader in bacterial identification and susceptibility testing. We will build on  good

New emails

Please update your email addresses for Rosco Diagnostica, so we get your requests, orders etc. Please use: for bookkeeping – for orders – for lab and QA



Privately owned danish company with more than 50 years in bacterial identification and susceptibility testing.

Product catalogue

  • Neo-Sensitabs – Susceptibility testing
  • Diatabs – Identification of Bacteria and Fungi
  • Kits – For detection of resistance


Rosco products are available in more than 50 countries. Our customers are distributors, hospitals and national health