Veterinary use

Special range of Neo-Sensitabs™ for veterinary purposes
In addition to the standard range we have developed and have in stock a range of Neo-Sensitabs containing antibiotics used for veterinary purposes.

Neo-Sensitabs with antimicrobial agents used only in Veterinary Practice are not included in the EU Directive 98/79/EC regarding CE-marking and must not be CE-marked. Veterinary Neo-Sensitabs are produce and controlled according to the same quality standard as other Neo-Sensitabs.

Made to order
Rosco Diagnostica also manufactures Neo-Sensitabs containing specific antibiotics directly for the manufacturer of a given antibiotic. 


Ideal for use in the small clinic performing only a few susceptibility tests per day or week.

  • Extensive range
  • Made to order
  • Long shelf life – up to 5 years
  • Store and use at room temperature
  • No need for storage in the refrigerator
  • Ready for instant dispensing
  • Large printed code for easy identification
  • Large clear zones