The concept of individual tests – used as single tests or combinations – offer the user many advantages.

  • Rapid (4 hour) enzymatic and modified conventional test.
  • Detection of natural susceptibility patterns or growth factor requirement
Highly Flexible
Single tests for rapid identification, screening or confirmatory testing. Diatabs can be used in combination with Neo-Sensitabs helping laboratory professionals make a rapid, accurate diagnosis.
Versatile – Multiple Purpose
The Diatabs system offers the opportunity of finding the most appropriate and economical tests for a number of purposes:
  • Screening tests for identification or differentiation
  • Identification of most common species
  • Panels of 4-8 tests providing identification of the most clinically relevant species
  • Supplemental and confirmatory tests to automatic systems and commercial kits
  • Full species identification

With Diatabs™ there is a solution that fits routines and policies of any clinical microbiology laboratory – be it for the daily routines in a busy hospital laboratory or for special or scientific purposes in the reference laboratory.

Economical Solution
Diatabs may in many cases represent cost saving of up to 50 % compared with available kits or automatic systems.

Information and Inspiration
Rosco Diagnostica provides professional information and data about bacterial identification as well as concrete, inspirational and easy-to-follow practical guidance in the daily use of the Diatabs™ system.

Diatabs™ Application Sheets

Selected tests for identification/screening of bacteria. Complete with panels and results including an easy-to-follow procedure.
Choose an application sheet to download: