Unique formulation
Neo-Sensitabs are tablets manufactured by a process using crystalline antimicrobials. This unique formulation results in:

Very stable and homogeneous product

  • No loss of activity due to degradation of the antibiotics
  • Controlled and uniform release of antibiotic into the agar
  • Uniform and reliable results at all times

Storage and use at room temperature*

  • Ready for instant use, no need for acclimatization to room temperature
  • No need for special storage or refrigerator facilities
  • Long shelf life – up to 5 years

Extensive and complete range
Currently the range comprises a total of over 125 different antimicrobial agents and combination tablets.

Large easy-to-read printed codes

  • Logical 5-figure alpha-numeric code
  • Easy and safe identification of the individual tablet
  • Optically readable by automatic reader systems

Meeting the needs and requirements of different standards
Susceptibility testing with NEO-SENSITABS™ practice is performed according CLSI and EUCAST guidelines.

The unique formulation of Neo-Sensitabs also makes it possible to manufacture tablets containing difficult compounds like and still obtain the long-time stability characteristic of Neo-Sensitabs.

  • Imipenem + EDTA
  • Daptomycin + Calcium
  • Caspofungin

* A few Neo-Sensitabs need to be stored at 2-8°C. When opened and in use, they are stable at room temperature for up to 2 months.


Neo-Sensitabs range of antibacterials includes the following drug class: